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    Updated  November   2013

Morris cowley 1926-31 Brake Lining Set

Morris Oxford / Cowley, new original Lucas tail lights

Morris Fuel Tank Cap & filler neck
Morris Oxford Series 2 Lucas nos Tail Lights

Morris 8 Series E. Boot / Trunk Lid Handle

Morris - Bakelite Dashboard and Window Surrounds

1939-48  Morris Z Utility   new old stock crown wheel & pinion set 8/47 ratio, needs cleaning

Morris Commercial  new old stock 1950's Radiator Ass  (photo description)

Lucas GA-4 Morris Cowley Car & Truck Magneto  c 1920's

Morris Commercial 1951  ECV 6 cyl 4 1/2 litre Main Bearing Set

Morris Commercial truck. Complete Radiator Assembly  New old stock

       . I have various new radiators, grilles, steering boxes, bonnets & much

        more for LC-3 & others. Located Australia

Morris Commercial Truck Radiator 1950's.

1920's Morris Cowley car and truck headlights

Morris Cowley/Commercial 1927-30 Steering Wheel  photo etc here

Bullnose   Morris Cowley Windshield frame

Morris Cowley 1920's speedo drive assembly.

Morris Chapman Marine new old stock Magneto

Morris Oxford 1956 Suspension Arms ATB 4056

Morris 1950's/60's BMC  Britax  seat belt set  new old stock set of 2 kits.

          The other kit is in an  unopened box

1960 Morris new  original L635 Lucas Tail Light Assy'.

Morris Oxford Station Wagon  1960's accessory Insect Screen  (photo)

Mini Minor new Australian Lucas AL136 Tail light and lense 1959-60

-----------User section    part wanted------------

November 2013

1947 e series Morris 8 - I need window surrounds also a Bakelite dash  for the same car
Adelaide, Australia -
Contact pod 6656

1925 Bullnose Morris Cowley. parts wanted  Vintage car Smokers Companion for mounting on dashboard > Also tail light or
tail light lens for Bullnose Morris Cowley.  John NSW Australia 
Contact ID  6623

1966 Morris J2 van I need a side window . Need the aluminum opening frame  complete for right hand side 0418495178 Sydney, Australia   Contact ID  6573

September 2013

1949 - 1950 Morris commercial lc3 looking for gaskets eng / gearbox / diff   Australia   Contact ID 6321

Morris Minor ute -Looking for a Ute in good condition. Robbie 0364362388   Australia

1926 Morris Commercial, looking for a clutch release bearing with a 4 cyl  petrol engine thanks -   South  Australia kenny -

Contact ID 6218

August 2013

Morris LC5 - looking for  rubbers , Australia,   Contact  ID 6210

Morris Minor ute - I'm looking for one in good condition, ideally with an   automatic trans! Robbie. Australia - Contact pod 6122

July 2013

1930 Morris Isis Six - looking for a crown wheel & pinion set of 11 / 53  ratio . measures 242mm diam with 8 bolt mounting, pinion shaft length 230mm  Sydney, Australia Contact ID  6057

1950 Morris Commercial Wanted two front Guards and grill   Contact ID   6035  Australia

1929 Morris Cowley Tourer - I'm looking for a four door body, windscreen,  seats and guards and suspension springs - Western Australia  , Contact ID  6041

April 2013

1938 Morris - wanted - wheel hub studs for late model Morris 12/4 Series III 1938-39 Straight stud 1 1/2" x 3/8" BSF thread Melbourne Australia - contact ID  5686

1927/29 Morris Cowley - wanted - hood frame. Also speedo drive complete gearbox to speedometer for 1929 model Cowley. NSW Australia -  contact ID 5588

1947 Morris 8 Internal window trim. All 4 windows. Australia  contact  ID 5520
                                                               February 2013

1926/7 Morris Cowley - wanted speedo drive - Sydney Australia -  contact id  5352

---------------Site user section  Parts for sale ----------------\

November 2013

1966 Morris J2 van parts for sale - I beam front axle complete -  Complete J 2 van engine and 4 speed transmission. includes all linkages  plumbing master and slave cylinder plus rear cross member. - 4 x
heels - front and rear brakes complete with master cylinder booster -  front and rear shock absorbers for sale 0418495178 Sydney Australia 
 Contact ID  6573

September 2013

Morris Commercial truck.- I have a complete truck in bits including glass,
OHV engine, lights in the mud guards $2550   
Contact  ID 6330

April  2013

1300 Mini Clubman - Rolling Space-frame chassis for 60's 1300 Clubman, (Argus, built in Canberra  in late 60's early 70's, photos available) designed for dry-sump corolla engine. Some body panels, wheels, fascia available. New South Wales, Australia - contact ID  5655


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